August 2015

Featured Artist

Viky García

Mother’s Milk

“García uses images from the everyday life and from her childhood house to explore her relationship with her mother. The work reflects the artist’s introspective thinking of her relationship with her mother and includes ideas of disconnection, chaos, tension, and acceptance with more or less of a comic perspective. It appears to be personal yet also universal as it questions general relationship matters between a mother and her daughter.” ~Subject Gallery

Born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in 1980.

Viky García studied photography at IDEP and Gris Art in Barcelona, at the International Center of Photography in New York. García received her MA in Art Therapy at ISPA (Instituto de Sociología y Psicología Aplicadas) , she received a training at Escuela Laboratorio de Expresión Corporal Dramática in Barcelona directed by Jessica Walker and a Postgraduate in Lenguaje sensorial y Poética del juego of the Theatre company Teatro de Los Sentidos directed by Enrique Vargas, Barcelona.

As a photographer García worked at the newspaper El Correo Gallego in Santiago de Compostela.

Her work has been included in festivals and has been exhibited internationally.

García currently live and work in Brooklyn.