February 2014

Featured Artist


It is instinctual to shy away from sharing the intimate details of our bodies with others. Contact, explores this human vulnerability through depicting several brave subjects who allowed me to touch their nude bodies with a photographic, flatbed scanner. The scanner and the resulting, large-format prints threaten to expose the subject in unpretentious and uncompromising detail. These images have been created in the most intimate way possible–through the experience of touch.

Although the act of scanning a nude form is akin to a sterile and callous operation, I approach it as a form of tenderness, resulting in intimate and emotionally charged imagery. I then piece together the individual scans to construct a sense of the whole with the knowledge of never being able to fully reconstruct what had stood before me. Through the fragmentation that results, the forms are as conflicted as they are harmonious.

Sarah Horan is an artist and educator originally from New York’s Hudson Valley and currently resides in Savannah, GA. She recently earned her MFA in photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts Education from the State University of New York in New Paltz in 2010. Much of her work is comprised of alternative approaches to photography including scanography and pinhole images.