October 2017

Featured Artist

Ross Sonnenberg

Chaos Theory

Twenty-four years ago I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. After 2 years of chemotherapy, I was able to get back to a somewhat normal life. During that time I have been trying to decipher my life through art which was one of the things that saved my life.

For my latest body of work, I had become fascinated with the photogram. In my research, artists such as Adam Fuss, Susan Derges and especially Marco Breuer are doing work that I admire. I am also enthralled by photos taken of space by the Hubble Telescope. I became intrigued by the possibilities of this photographic process and how I could create my fictional galaxies.

My light sources of choice are fireworks of varying persuasions, combined with other materials. Interestingly, the images (Which were few and far between), the pieces, with all their beautiful imperfections resembled images of the real solar-system, created by the first Big Bang millions of years ago. In my continuous pursuit of the meaning of my life through my art.

My life like my art is chaotic and it is this that brings meaning into my Chaos Theory series.

My life has been defined by chaos. 24 years ago I was getting ready to start film school and embark on a career in the film industry. That dream came to a crashing halt when I became ill with a debilitating disease, It took over eight months for the doctors to figure out what I had. It turned out to be Systemic Lupus. 
For the Big Bang series, I’d become fascinated with photograms, reading all I could on the topic. I discovered artists like Adam Fuss, Susan Derges, and especially Marco Breuer. Each artist’s work was completely unique, yet they were all using a similar process. Around the same time, I’d also become intrigued by the photos taken via the Hubble telescope. wondering if it was possible to create my own galaxies through the photogram process. While experimenting with different fireworks as my light source. I used color sources from things as mundane as a child’s windmills or a colored solo cup, and I used sand or water to create texture. The images I made, with some direction from me, were at the whim of the light source. When there was a successful image. I found I had succeeded in creating art that resembled real solar systems. Like those created by the first Big Bang millions of years ago. 
—Ross Sonnenberg   |   rosssonnenberg.com