November 2017

Featured Artist

Radosław Brzozowski

Gone, Not Forgotten

Even though photography was invented In the first half of 19th century, for many years its documentary potential was not used to the full. Technological considerations, cost and simple lack of appreciation for the importance of documenting the lives of common people meant that photography was usually reserved for the rich and important while common people were neglected.  Projects like the one embarked on by Edward S. Curtis were few and far between and as a result, there were whole communities and even nations that we have no photographic record of.

Together with Museum – Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie we embarked on a project designed to create photographs that should have been taken in the past but never were because none of the photographers believed the subject to be worth the trouble. We photograph the lives of common people living in the region dressed in historical clothes and performing historical everyday tasks using historical processes that could have been used by a photographer at the time.

Gone, Not Forgotten is the first portfolio created in this way, showing everyday pursuits of Kashubian people living at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries, presented in a series of handmade oilprints on Fabriano paper. This will soon be followed by another series of photographs, this time clear glass ambrotypes showing the customs connected with weddings as described by Izydor Gulgowski, the founder of the Museum.


Ever since I got hold of an old Soviet-made Zenit camera at the age of 13, photography has constantly been my passion. A camera has accompanied me most of my life naturally becoming not just a passion but a profession as well, though the worn out Zenit was replaced by digital SLRs and LF cameras.

I currently specialize in artistic nude photography, both done digitally and with traditional photographic methods. My other specialties are historical photographic process with gumprint, oilprint and platinum print being my favorites. I have also written a bestselling studio nude photography textbook “Fotografia Obnażona” published by Helion.

In my other, non-photographic life I teach English; a career I have pursued for more than twenty years. I have also written textbooks for Wydawnictwo Szkolne PWN and Skrypt publishing houses. In addition I have translated books on photography and digital image edition for Helion and Galaktyka publishing houses.