August 2015

Featured Artist

Noelle McCleaf

Evie Lou and Laura Jane

Evie Lou and Laura Jane chronicles the stories and experiences between my mother (Evie Lou) and her best friend (Laura Jane).

Evie Lou is a healer and a survivalist whose past life visions awoke her to her true calling: a caretaker for the Earth and those who protect it. Laura Jane is a medical intuitive and hospice nurse from the Blackfoot tribe. She is a master storyteller, a way-­shower, and a wisdom-­keeper. The fundamental connection they share is their love for the Earth and all things of the Earth. 

Evie Lou and Laura Jane signify an under-­represented part of the American population: aging women full of wisdom, vibrance, and charisma. In documenting their mutual journey, I wish to share their stories, for they are the voices of the grandmothers, the medicine women, and the storytellers who deserve our attention. 

The Earth is our primal mother. We should be guardians of all life on Earth, and nurture it as we do our own children. –Evie Lou

Noelle McCleaf received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging from the Ringling College of Art and Design and her Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Some of her recent exhibitions include The Ones We Love at the Camden Image Gallery and The Rural South Slow Exposures Photography Exhibition. She currently lives and works as a photography professor and exhibiting artist in Venice, Florida.