September 2017

Featured Artist

Nicholas Winter

Interpretations 16

They are little anecdotes which speak of an absurd reality, which however, or more so, aim to enhance a sense of fragility with in our world.

Through the use of objects, parts, pieces, and their placement in new contexts, new interpretations of situations can be composed creating metaphorical images relating to a number of issues in todays world, through mini installations, at times surrealistic, dada-ish (?) allowing for new perspective and reading.

To photograph these ‘elements’ as they exist in reality, in their macro-cosmos setting, was not the intention, however, these built interpretations of issues permit an insight into accessable micro-cosmos’s. The key hole form of the images gives focus as if looking through a telescope, microscope, through a magnifying glass or into a petri dish; a close up observation of, (interpretations of), themes covering the environment, abuse, vanity, death, consumption, age etc.


About Nicholas Winter: British, living and working in Basel, Switzerland since 2002. Studied art and photography in the UK before working as a freelance photographer. Represented by Galerie Monika Wertheimer, Basel.