November 2017

Featured Artist

Kalee Appleton

Platinum Package

The series Platinum Package comprises prints examine the photographic backdrops used in mainstream portrait studios. To explore these objects that were originally used to create a false sense of space and perspective, I objectify the large-scale images. I then take advantage of their original purpose by creating an obviously false perspective, placing the backdrops within existing landscapes or contextually pairing them with another backdrop. These images reference the carte-de-visite portraits used as calling cards in the nineteenth century, a tradition that continues in today’s contemporary portrait studios with “picture packages” or “image sheets.”

Kalee Appleton is a photography-based artist living in Dallas, Texas. Originally from Hobbs, New Mexico, she attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock and received a B.F.A. (2005) in photography. Shortly after graduation she worked as a corporate and aviation photographer, and she later attended Texas Woman’s University in Denton, where she received a M.F.A. (2014) in photography. Appleton’s work deals with digital technologies and their effects on society, as well as with the nature of photography, specifically landscape photography.

Appleton is currently president of the oldest art collective in Texas, 500X. She exhibits her work regionally at Erin Cluley Gallery in Dallas and was included in Re/thinking photography: Conceptual Photography from Texas, a joint exhibition at Fotofest International and Houston Center for Photography.