J T Blatty


There’s a feeling of mystery and power in holding something so ancient in the palm of your hand: To think that this fossil once belonged to a creature that lived thousands or millions of years ago, in a world so removed from ours. But even more powerful is the recognition that this prehistoric fragment resembles something so close to me, alive and present: The human form, a perfectly orchestrated symphony, with its grooves, curves and twists, converging and diverging lines, the bones, the muscles, the organs. And the ancient fossil falls in tune, playing the same symphony, yet on another frequency: A parallel frequency.

These photographs represent my exploration into the symmetries, together with 7 different participating models that had a mutual curiosity. During most of the sessions with each, I would ask them to choose a fossil from my collection–one that they felt drawn towards, possibly by aesthetics or simply an unexplained fascination, and from there we searched for the fit together. But some of the symmetries were preconceived, between a specific model and a fossil, and through trial and error I was either able to capture the concept, or capture something entirely different than what was foreseen. Ultimately, with each photograph, it was the light that made the final decision.

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