June 2015

Featured Artist

Frances Jakubek

Frances Jakubek — Last Night

Last night, every thing was moved out of the home I thought our family would have forever; so I raced through the backroads of Connecticut to spend the few final hours there. Once back in my own space, the project evolved into photographing tools I’ve inherited from my grandfather and realizing quickly I was never taught how to use many of them. I began to play and make images with the sharp objects and they progressively became instruments of expressed sexuality in place of utility. Questions surfaced like whether my desire to keep the house was a territorial reaction and fear of losing a family history or if it was uncertainty in the safety of starting my own.

Born in the woods of Connecticut and grown in Boston, Frances Jakubek is a visual artist exploring photographic media to understand an ever-changing visual language. She currently works as the Associate Director and Associate Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. She resides in Cambridge exploring new ideas and urging those to ask questions…and answer with more.