May 2013

Featured Artist

Carolyn Hampton

Childhood Dreams & Memories


My “Childhood Dreams & Memories” series is based on recurring visions that I have had as far back as I can remember. The images are made up of remnants of my experiences: dreams, nightmares, memories, religious rites, rituals, and interactions with the people and animals around me. My daughter acts as both my muse and model for all of the images. Many of the props I used are artifacts that have been passed down through generations of my family. For these reasons, the series is intensely personal and often includes symbolic meaning. I shot the pictures digitally during visits to several locations that are not far from my home, including a few that are abandoned and allegedly haunted. Many of my dreams take place inside spaces that look abandoned, rather than a familiar location.

I have discovered that exploring places such as abandoned hospitals or prisons, and bringing a particular nightmare to life on film can be an empowering way to conquer my fears. Perhaps an image resonates with the viewer because he or she has experienced something similar? Many of us are captivated by the same things, either subconsciously or consciously, because of our shared human experience.

See the work in person: June 8-July 13, 2013 at Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica, California