Jan-Feb 2010

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Cara Wade: Insidious Charms

Cara Wade: Insidious Charms

Cara Wade: Insidious Charms

Cara Wade

Mordançage: Insidious Charms

Throughout history, women have put their bodies, and their psyches through torturous measures trying to live up to the elusive thing that is beauty. We have constricted our breathing and injected ourselves with poison. We have teetered precariously, balancing on miniscule pedestals; we have crafted our flesh into acceptable contours. We have consensually, if not fervidly, subjected ourselves to these dangerous tribulations.

This is a condition that I not only detest but also welcome and embrace. This has left me in a love/hate relationship with the idea of beauty and the quest to attain it. These images have emerged from this dichotomy. Through a combination of technical processes, I am able to merge representations of the beautiful with those of a manufactured grotesque. In this manner I am able to create imagery that manages to, at once, glorify and chastise, giving way to a different definition of beauty, one of engaging oddity and lush ambiguity.

Cara Lee Wade received her MFA in Photography from Savannah Collage of Art and Design in 2004. She is currently Assistant Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging at University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana.