January 2017

Featured Artist

Angela Lillian Chen

Passing Embrace

Life is full of moments that seem to just pass right by us. Especially in our contemporary lifestyles, where high speed connections and digital distractions rule the pace of our days, there has been an ever increasing desire to slow down life, embrace the smaller moments, and contemplate silence.

Moments like these are not always perfect – the overslept morning, the leaking pen, the balance of work and societal pressures. More than often do we hope these moments pass quickly, allowing us to move on to more positive mindsets. However, these imperfect moments that we give little significance, add to the significance of our daily triumphs. My mind can only recall so much of these moments – were they really so bad? Did it really ruin my day? By embracing these imperfections and impermanent instances of life, the beauty of every day of life increases tenfold.

As life continues to pass without delay, I am compelled to slow down the pace, yearning for a pause to catch my breath. Self-reflection naturally follows, allowing for the appreciation of every minute and simple aspect of life as time continues to pass.

Let Passing Embrace take you through these instances throughout your daily lives, reflecting on moments, both imperfect and insignificant, that you may have let slip by. These brief instances leave a lasting, ever-so gentle touch on your day and a lingering, passing embrace on your life.


Angela Lillian Chen recently graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with an MFA in Photography. She began her photographic journey in high school, working in the darkroom with black and white film. She has experimented with large format cameras, alternative processes, and mixed media and now primarily works digitally. Her work reflects a minimalist style with delicate lighting and an intimate relationship with her subject matter. She is currently based in San Francisco, California.