Gabe Sheen

Gabe Sheen

The Confessions of Self

Station 1, Tricolor Gum Dichromate Print by Gabe Sheen

My project, The Confessions of Self, is about the wrongdoings that I have wrought throughout life. To be reborn as an artist, I first needed a spiritual freedom and redemption from a sense of regret. For this project, I invited more than eighty people to my studio from both the streets and professional modeling networks. I have found this to be an ideal way to show how their own similar experiences as victims or wrongdoers reflect my stories. The nudes in this work mostly symbolize those who were mistreated, and the background of each image is left empty since it represents the canvas of my yet‐unfinished life. I used both film and digital 35 mm cameras, composited each image in figurative forms and finally made eighteen pictures in tricolor Gum Dichromate Print on twenty by twenty‐two inch watercolor paper.

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