Christopher Bennett

Broken Cinema

Christopher Bennett is a photographer, curator and photo educator living in Portland Oregon. His work experience includes the George Eastman House, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Photo-eye Books & Gallery. Chris is the founder and Executive Director of Newspace Center for Photography.

Growing up in Indiana I was always fascinated by the imagery, history and wildness of the American West. When I finally departed the mid-west I made my way westward living in various places along the way.

Broken Cinema

These images contain ghosts of American mythology, history and geography. I remember these places, dark, mysterious, isolated, and seemingly lost in time, reverberating melancholy and nostalgia.

I still travel extensively throughout the western states and specifically Oregon as I have called it home for over ten years now. I have naturally been drawn to focus more closely into the history of the people and landscape I am now surrounded by.

Introducing Blue Moon’s ‘Drinking with Jake’ – Chris Bennett

The first in an ongoing series in which Jake Shivery and a guest get pickled and talk photography.

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