Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Founded in 2001, Blue Moon Camera and Machine has evolved into an exceptional resource within the international photographic community – a camera store and photo lab that deals exclusively in film photography. The practice of film photography means using solid, quality equipment that was built with permanence in mind. It means true optical prints made with lenses and light. Film photographers come to love their camera as a long-term artistic companion – by learning its weight, size, and spirit, the photographer allows the camera to influence their vision.

A thoroughly industrious, creative, and versatile crowd to begin with, the staff members of Blue Moon Camera spend their lives surrounded by cameras, photographers, and art. They are able to absorb the best qualities of each, and have cultivated a deep appreciation of the craft. They help film photographers find their companion cameras because they’ve already found ones for themselves – and with their accomplices in hand, they produce a stunningly diverse array of work.

This exhibition represents the fruits of those collaborations between artist and camera, and these images stand as evidence that the tools used to make them have transcended simple utility to become agents in the artistic process.

This show is also on display at the Camerawork Gallery from July 21st – August 17th, 2012.

Blue Moon Camera and Machine, 8417 N. Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203, voice: 503.978.0333