Jake Shivery

Contact Portraits – 1 through 4


Jake Shivery is a portraitist based in St. Johns, Oregon. He has been involved in the photo industry for over twenty years, working in many capacities in many places. In 2001, he co-founded Blue Moon Camera and Machine, where he is now the proprietor. In the past few years, exhibitions of Jake’s Contact Portrait series have taken place in several notable galleries: Newspace Center for Photography, the Camerawork Gallery, and the Lightbox Gallery in Astoria. Examples of his work may be found in the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s “Visual Chronicle of Portland” and the Portland Art Museum’s permanent collection of photographs. He lives in St. Johns with his lady-friend, Emily and their dog, Daisy.

“Contact Portraits” refers to the technique of printing directly from the negative and producing a print of the same size, in this case, eight inches by ten inches. A long established photographic practice, contact printing does not rely on enlarging, and best maintains the integrity of the original negative. All images are contact printed onto selenium-toned fibre paper for exceptional archivability.

In April, the fifth exhibition in this series will hang at the Angst gallery in Vancouver, WA. To coincide with this, Plates to Pixels is hosting a small selection of the work from 2006 through 2009. This showcase marks the first time that the work has been executed specifically for the digital medium.

For additional information, feel free to contact Jake directly: jake@bluemooncamera.com

interview with Jake