Grace Weston

In my studio I construct, light, and photograph narrative staged vignettes to address the questions and contradictions of life, both large and small. I enjoy balancing humor with psychological tension in themes of anxiety and fear, wonder and mystery, and the sense of isolation and alienation that paradoxically is experienced universally. The use of miniature characters, constructed sets and vivid colors allows me to play with weighty issues in a lighter way. It is through my little fictions I most enjoy taking a stab at truth.

My point of view and approach come out of a childhood spent in relative isolation. I entertained myself by making little dioramas with toys and found or constructed objects in a corner of my bedroom to view and rearrange for weeks at a time. I survived and flourished inside a private reality of my own creation that served as great consolation in a world where I had no control. Intense introspection balanced with the coping mechanism of humor developed my sensibilities. I now realize I have come back to where I started, and at the same time, to where I’ve never been.

My earliest work was black and white location photography. Once I transitioned into the studio to work with the “blank canvas”, I felt I had found my true home. Early inspirations include Duane Michaels, Rene Magritte and David Levinthal.

From the actual physical components and lighting to the psychological questions raised, my work plays with issues of illusion. I attempt to question reality at every turn. With photography’s history and reputation in the service of “proof”, I appreciate the paradox of using the camera to tell tall tales.