Edyta Wypierowska

Still Life I – Artist Statement

The fruits, photographs which I have taken, during a few minutes of exposure are in a strange state between ripeness and decay. That state is ambiguous. During the exposure the fruits seemed to be ripe and juicy, however there is something on the photographs that foreshadows their near decay. It is not possible to opt for either of the features since each one of them has some traits of the other.

Using a pinhole camera in this case was intentional. The unpredictability of what may happen in a frame was essential. I did not want to have absolute control. It was also important to me to have some inaccuracies in copying. I believe such an “inaccurate” viewing is closer to the human way of perceiving the word since often we are unable to define and name everything precisely.

The series includes 22 photographs were taken with the camera obscura. Prints are silver gelatin contact prints, 8×8 inches.

Still Life II – Artist Statement

“The pictures were taken with a pinhole camera. I have worked with daylight. For some of the motives I used a mirror to catch the sunlight and hightlighted certain elements of the composition.”

The negatives are 20×20 inches size and the pictures are contact silver gelatin prints.

Edyta Wypierowska was born in Poland. She studied photography at Multimedia Communication Faculty at Academy of Fine Art in Poznan, Poland and achieved a MA degree in 2003.

As an artist Edyta skillfully utilizes the pinhole camera’s distortions of space and scale in the image.

She builds a camera first and then, she constructs a still live. Final photographs exude a sense of adventure and mystery that challenge the viewer’s notions of reality.

Edyta lives and works in Poland and Germany.