Yaniv Waissa

March-April 2010 featured Artist


The project is about dealing with the global-urban reality. This reality is influenced by the cultural, urban and industrial development. This reality will affect the future existence of mankind.

I create images that reflect this delicate reality, the distress and the fear of a world scale disaster that will eliminate mankind. Apocalyptic scenarios like global warming, that’s caused by mans’ constant exploitation of natural resources and will eventually lead to a total collapse of the eco system. Another scenario is a third world war or a nuclear disaster that are driven by hatred and a need to annihilate an entire culture, which will eventually lead to the extinction of mankind.

The presented images were created regardless of a specific place; they are homeless as they are everywhere. I have no intention of guiding the viewer to see the images according to my perception. My only intention is to present the reality reflected through my eyes, with all of its’ silent furious prophecies.

The viewer is then welcome to appropriate the images to their own private reality, and as it is in real life with the same images surrounding them, choose how to deal with them.

The purpose of the project is not to educate the viewer or throw blames and harsh truths at him. In a reality where everything is available and immediate the thrill threshold has never been higher. There is a feeling that in order to create a response of any kind in the viewer one has to present images that are provocative, over the edge and impossible to interpret in any way but the one on the screen.

I believe in the power of art and its’ possibility to lead to a change even without presenting grotesque in its’ simplified meaning, by activating an ancient emotion that became numb with the passing of time.

The images appear to be simple but are loaded with content and use their abstract characteristics to stimulate that feeling within the viewer.

Morbid and apocalyptic scenarios, as the ones mentioned above, will lead mankind to damnation. All that will be left in the end of this constant and destructive process is dust or a black hole.


Technical Details:

Camera: Holga with Polaroid back
Film: Goop negative of Polaroid type 87
Process: Scanning the goop negative and printing on Fine Art Rag Photo Paper