May-June 2010 featured Artists


This work is a collaborative project with myself Mick Farrell and Cliff Haynes.

We have constructed a camera that is an array of 23,000 (approx) black drinking straws. These are contained in a wooden frame with a sheet of clear Perspex on the front, to which gels are attached in order to control filtration of the exposure. The back of the camera is a detachable plate where a sheet of 20”x24” RA4 paper is positioned. Working in a blacked out studio we expose the subject matter using flash lighting. The paper is then processed making a paper negative; which is in turn contact printed to create a colour positive image. There are no lenses used in recording the image, rather each straw captures both density and colour in its line of sight as a dot. This channeling of light through the tubes creates a novel indexical rendering of the reality presented to the camera at a near one to one basis, in a multi-point perspective that recedes into a visual mist

At a time when digital technology has for the most part replaced analogue working practices it is interesting to use an analogue system that produces an image that has a notion of the digital about it, where it appears to be constructed from pixels. Yet these curious planar images owe as much to painting (Surat), and printing, as they do photography.