Catie Soldan

December 2010 featured Artist

Artist Statement

Savannah, Georgia is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Its historic streets are believed to be some of the most haunted as well. Living here you are constantly reminded of the past, this became my inspiration. By working with the antiquated process of shooting with a pinhole camera and the historic post-process of mordancage, I hope to create mysterious images that evoke a feeling of unease and beauty at once. The use of a pinhole camera makes the photos seem to have an unknown date, appearing as if they could have been created today or 100 years ago. The long exposures creates ghostly figures in the landscape. Dealing with themes of decay and mortality, I use the post-process of mordancage to age and actually break down the silver in my prints. The veils created in the images represent what holds us back from seeing the whole truth. This series questions time, reality and existence.

Short Biography

Catie Soldan is a fine art photographer from Chicago, Illinois. She has been living in Savannah, Georgia for the past three years attending Savannah College of Art and Design. She expects to graduate in June 2011 with a BFA in photography. She prefers working with film and alternative processes but enjoys exploring the possibilities of combining historical processes with new technology. Her work is inspired by nature, nostalgia and non-ordinary reality. After graduation she plans to move out west to pursue a career as a fine artist.