Ser·en·dip·i·ty [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] –noun

  • an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
  • good fortune, luck.

Serendipity is my favorite word as well as something I believe is present in our everyday lives. I feel it leads us from one point to the next, in an always surprising manner, moving us closer to our own personal destiny, or fate.

I feel that I am being led down a serendipitous path in my photographic endeavors, with each twist and turn leading to a new discovery more exciting than the one before.

In my photography I use multiple mediums and processes. I’ve found that I am very drawn towards the historic side of photography. It only seemed fitting, through my fascination with vintage things and my love for collecting, that I began to collect vintage photographs. I started to notice that certain images would capture my eye more than others. I would instantly envision the image taking on a different scene. It seemed more often than not these tiny epiphanies were something I wanted to try to actually record in some form of art. Through Photoshop manipulation I was able to create the images in my mind without altering the original photograph. It became a new and exciting way to express my inner most thoughts with another form of photography. It has opened up an enchanting and endless avenue for self expression.

My series of photographic mixed media images are a combination of my artistic eye, my passion for photography and my love of the unexpected. I combine vintage photographs with other found images and my own photography into each piece. Each image itself is unique with its own delightfully unpredicted outcome. Even though an idea may seem absolute in my mind, I discovered that finding or creating the exact pieces I envision is not always possible, and through the process somehow they serendipitously seem to turn out as I meant them to.

Although my mixed media images start from a personal idea or perspective, I love that they can be viewed by others, and perhaps stir their own memories, feelings and ideas. If someone is able to take away their own particular emotions from my work it is a huge sense of accomplishment for me.