eMotion presents


In regards to the Cinégraph, we have tried to embrace, expand and challenge the history of photography and filmmaking. We devised this new technique as a way to come full circle–so to speak–from our photographic beginnings which inspired our film making and back again to these experimental films/photos creating new ways of seeing through the destruction of the medium. We shoot the photographs with super 8mm film in 3,550 individual stills, the works become both a projected motion picture and a still image made up of the deconstructed strips of film.

Our goal was to create a new kind of diptyh based on pairing opposites:

  • motion and stillness
  • abstract and representational
  • linear and repetitive
  • proverbial and mysterious

We raise questions about the experience art creates depending on spatial and temporal methods. The integration arises from the disintegration of the medium. The representational still image is the destruction of the film while the abstract motion is the construction.

It represents shifts in seeing, one with the mind and one with the brain.

– Louviere + Vanessa, Folie à Deux 2009